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Ethiopian Yigracheffe
$11.55 / pound

This African coffee from Ethiopia is considered “the cream of the crop”. The birth place of coffee is Ethiopia. Over 1300 years ago at high altitudes above the seas, coffee shrubs were discovered by goats. There are ...   

Ethiopian Yigracheffe

Kenya AA
$14.55 / pound

Coffee was not cultivated in Kenya until 1898 when the French introduced coffee shrubs from Reunion Island. AA is actually a classification of coffee produced in Kenya. Screen sized beans of 17-18 are considered AA, ...   

Kenya AA

Tanzania Peaberry
$9.55 / pound

Tanzania Peaberry is a bean that results when the fruit (coffee) only develops a single bean rather than the usual pair of flat sided beans. The peaberry coffee bean actually produces a better cup. It is grown around ...   

Tanzania Peaberry

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